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For Tenants

Moving In

Lease Information

Once you have been approved and notified of a property allocation through the Housing Pathways system, we will confirm the details of the property and give you a move-in date. Prior to signing the lease you need to provide:

  1. All household members’ income details i.e. Current Centrelink income statement or current wage slips from employer/s.
  2. Details (names & dates of birth) for all the people who will be living with you.
  3. Bond money – either 4 weeks subsidised rent or $600 – whichever is greatest.
  4. Two (2) weeks rent at the rebated amount.

Rental Guide

In most instances, your rent will be equal to your Commonwealth Rental Assistance plus 25% of your gross income (before tax).  Affordable Housing tenants will pay up to 30% of their income.

Read the Lease

Read your lease carefully before you sign. The lease is a legal document and you need to know what you are signing.  A housing manager will answer any questions and help you understand the lease before you sign it.

Your lease sets out rights and responsibilities that must be met by you and by Pacific Link. New leases are usually for a period of 3 months, and most can be extended if all responsibilities are met. You'll receive a copy of the lease for your records. 

Property Condition Report

A report on the condition of the property will be given to you when you sign the lease. One copy is kept at the office and two are given to you. You need to examine the property and answer the questions before returning one copy of the completed report to the office within 7 days.

The report covers a list of items and gives their condition. Look carefully at what the report says for each item on the list and write Y for yes (if you agree) or N for no (if you disagree). If you need help, a housing manager can verbally guide you through the process. 

You must report any outstanding or necessary repairs that don’t appear on the condition report and ask for them to be attended to. You will be asked to sign off at the bottom of each page, and will receive a copy for your records.


When you sign the lease you will have to pay a Bond – normally equivalent to four (4) weeks subsidised rent or $600.00, whichever is the greatest.  The Bond is immediately lodged with the Department of Fair Trading. If you look after the property and don’t cause any damage you will get the Bond back when you leave the property.


You'll be given a set of keys when you sign your lease. We will also keep a set for your address. It is important that you don't change the locks. Any broken locks should be reported to us and we will arrange a locksmith. If you change or break the locks you will be charged for any replacement.

Sign-up Package

On signing your lease, you will be given a Welcome Kit with handbooks, factsheets and other materials to assist you in sustaining your tenancy.

Making Rental Payments

There are four ways you can pay your rent:

  1. If you are on a Centrelink benefit, you can arrange for your payments to come straight from your benefits. We can provide you with the relevant form to give to Centrelink. Some tenants find this method most convenient.
  2. We can give you a deposit book and personal ID Card to deposit your rent fortnightly at the Commonwealth Bank. You can arrange to do this in person or online by setting up a Third Party Transfer. Ask us if you are thinking of doing this. You'll need our BSB code and Account Number. Don't forget to use your ID number.
  3. You can send us a cheque or money order from the post office for each payment.
  4. You can come in and pay your rent by cheque at the office (we don't accept cash).

Rent Enquiries

Call the office on (02) 4324 7617, if you have rental problems or questions about your rent statements.

Moving Out

Notice Period

You are required to give:

  • 14 days notice if the Residential Tenancy lease is for a fixed term. (This can be up to and include the last day of the fixed term).
  • 21 days (at least) if the fixed term you agreed has already passed.

In both situations, your notice must be given in writing. It must state the address of the property; the notice period you’re providing and the date you intend to move out. It must also be signed and dated by you. 

Property Inspection

Using the original condition report as a guide, we'll make a final inspection of the property after you vacate the tenancy to check the condition of the property. During the period of notice will also need to sort out any rental arrears that may exist.

Bond Refund

After a final inspection, you will be advised of any claim to be made on bond monies to rectify the property, and be asked to sign a completed bond release form. This will be forwarded immediately to the Rental Bond Board and any money owing to you after any repairs will be returned.


Finally you'll be given an exit survey or interview prior to leaving. This is to establish if you were satisfied with the quality of your accommodation, why you are leaving community housing etc.

Eviction Proceedings

If you have breached your tenancy agreement, you will be advised in writing and given every opportunity and assistance to rectify the problem. If we need to proceed with termination and repossess the premises, the legal process laid down by the Residential Tenancy Act will be followed.

We will refer you to the Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Service or other advocates as may be appropriate. You will be advised to attend any Tribunal Hearings to attempt conciliation. Attempts to resolve the issues will continue until the NCAT (NSW Civil and Administration Tribunal) ruling is made. Once the NCAT has made its decision, no further negotiations will be entered into.

If you refuse to leave the property, the Sheriff will be required to take possession of the property. The entire process will be documented and the Pacific Link Housing Board will be notified prior to the event.

Fair Treatment of Tenants

Regardless of the circumstances of eviction, you will be treated with respect at all times. All transactions carried out with tenants at any time will be through a fair and transparent process.

Complaints & Appeals

How to File a Complaint

If you have a complaint about our services; believe you have been treated unfairly; have a problem with a neighbour or feel you have a legitimate complaint to make you are encouraged to let us know.

First, contact the office and speak to the CEO or Senior Managers. If the problem is with a particular staff member, we will arrange a meeting for you to discuss your grievances with the staff member concerned.
You must submit a formal complaint in writing to have it formally processed.
You may bring an advocate to meetings and discussions if you wish.

To lodge a complaint​:

Download a copy of the Complaints Procedure

Download a Complaint Form

Appeal a Decision

You can also download an Appeals Form where you wish to have an appealable decision reviewed. 

Further information is available by contacting the Housing Appeals Committee on Freecall: 1800 629 794, or by visiting the HAC website.

Neighbourhood Disputes

If you have a disagreement with a neighbour that you just can’t settle, it may be best to get some help. Community Justice Centres have trained mediators who can help solve problems quickly and fairly.

Anti-social or Illegal Behaviour

Pacific Link does not tolerate anti-social or illegal behaviour and appropriate steps are taken to deal with them.  Tenants who feel threatened in any way should contact the police on Triple Zero (000).

Maintenance & Repairs

If maintenance or repairs to your property are required at any time during your stay , you must notify Pacific Link immediately.   

For emergency assistance please call Emergency Services on TRIPLE ZERO (000).


Always report problems to Pacific Link for authorised attention.

DO NOT carry out repairs yourself. Pacific Link Housing provides licensed trades to ensure all maintenance and repairs are safe and completed to approved standards.

DO NOT ring contractors directly to attend to maintenance or repairs unless you are prepared to pay the costs.  Pacific Link will not pay for unauthorised services arranged by tenants.

DO NOT consider making any home improvements or other changes to the property without first seeking and receiving written approval from Pacific Link and/or the landlord for your property. You will be liable for costs to rectify any unapproved changes that are made.

REMEMBER you are responsible for any damage to the property caused by family, friends, visitors, pets, accidents, actions or failures to protect, clean and maintain the property during your tenancy and you will have to pay the cost of rectification.

REPORT the need for maintenance or repairs to Pacific Link immediately. Failure to report the need for maintenance or repairs to your property can result in further damage for which you may be liable for costs.

For Emergency Repairs

For emergency repairs outside business hours, call our office number on 02 4324 7617

Please note that this service is reserved for major service failures such as a burst water pipe or gas leak that occurs outside normal business hours.  The inappropriate use of this service for general maintenance and repairs may result in you being charged for call out fees and services.

General Maintenance

There are three ways to report problems and request general maintenance or repairs.
You can:

Service Times

We do everything we can to respond to requests for maintenance and repairs quickly and efficiently. Service times are best where we own the property you’re in.

Service times can be longer if you’re in a home we lease from private owners or developers, where service requests must be reported to their real estate agents or others, who then manage the process and provision of services.

Despite the possibility of third-party delays, Pacific Link is committed to attend to:

  • Emergency repairs within 24 hours.
  • Urgent repairs within 5 days
  • General repairs in 14-28 days.

If you feel a repair is taking too long, please contact us to discuss your request.

Help Us to Help You

Please make sure you’re at home for pre-arranged appointments so contractors can arrive and do the work. Keep your animals and children away from the work area and don’t let them play with equipment.

Home Improvements and Changes

You will need approval to carry out any home improvements or make any changes to your property. All requests must be forwarded, in writing, to the Maintenance Department.  Do not commence any work until you have received written approval from Pacific Link and/or the landlord for your property.

Tenant Engagement

Tenant Forums

We encourage you to attend our regular Tenant Forums, details of which are advertised in our regular Tenant Newsletter.  Our Forums are held regularly with speakers providing information on local community and social services.

Annual Tenant Survey

Each year we survey our tenants on a range of issues to help review our performance and services.  In 2016, 90% of tenants reported their satisfaction with Pacific Link and services provided to them.  Read the survey in our Annual Report.

Tenant Support Program

Pacific Link manages a number of award-winning tenant support programs, including programs to help tenants access:

  • Medical, health and welfare services
  • Education scholarships
  • Sports and extra-curricula scholarships
  • A laptop loan/purchase program
  • Learner Driver lessons
  • Training towards employment
  • Regular excursions

These are described in detail in the tenant support programs section of this site.

Tenant Information

Pacific Link Housing publishes the following documents and lists for tenants.
To access these on-line, click the headings:

Tenant Events

Welcome to Copnor Ave - Invitation to tenants in all units. welcome_event_copnor_invitation_final.compressed.pdf

Garden Competition Application Form

Each year Pacific Link holds an Annual Garden Competition for all of our tenants. There are several categories to enter including patio gardens, water wise, eco gardens, childrens gardens and much more. Therer are winners in each category and 1 winner for the best garden overall. You can download an entry form garden_comp_entry_2017.pdf or contact the office for further information.