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Top Year for Pacific Link

Four years ago Pacific Link was restructured under a new Chairman – a situation that ultimately led to a major management restructure under newly appointed Chairman, David Bacon.

Since then, David has overseen the appointment of a skills- based board, the appointment of CEO Keith Gavin, and the empowerment of staff committed to the provision of community housing and support services for those in need.

The organisation has never looked back and is now an acknowledged national leader in the community and social housing sector.

Achievements noted in its recently released Annual Report for 2014 include:

  • Gaining Tier One accreditation under the new National Registration scheme.
  • Lifting retained earnings by 50%, making an accumulated total of $10.7m available for re-investment in the sector.
  • Recording a tenant satisfaction rating of  94%  - maintaining averages above 90%  over recent years.
  • Establishing an innovative and groundbreaking partnership with Sydney-based provider, Evolve Housing, to break down geographic barriers.
  • Funding and managing the refurbishment of the 100–home Dunbar Way and Kendall Estates in North Gosford.
  • Securing NSW Government grants worth $7m for new projects.
  • Developing a win/win 2 + 1 plan for housing through the addition of 'granny flats'.
  • Receiving State and National awards for outstanding Tenant Engagement, Leading Housing Project and Innovation in Research from the Australasian Housing Institute.

“Pacific Link has long aimed to begin addressing the community housing shortage in our region,” said Chairman David Bacon. “The benefits of the management re-structure can now be seen in evidenced-based decision making and retained earnings that allow us to invest.”

“With only limited Government funding now available for new housing, well-managed providers have an important role to play as managers, innovators and investors in new housing,” said CEO Keith Gavin.

“The refurbishment of the estates at Dunbar Way will make 100 homes available for many years to come. In other initiaves we are;

  • developing new plans that will make better use of existing properties through the gradual addition of secondary dwellings on existing underutilised housing blocks.
  • working on new projects for the elderly and disabled in Cessnock
  • starting a joint project with Evolve Housing to develop studio apartments in Western Sydney, the Central Coast and Hunter regions.

“There’s a desperate need for housing in our region, where waiting time for all forms of community and social housing now extend beyond 10 years. As an active, innovative and appropriately resourced provider we are now positioned to play a part in the delivery of new housing solutions for our region,” he said.

IMAGE: Pacific Link Housing Chairman, David Bacon